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FCS Power One Battery P13 Hearing Aid Batteries Zinc Air Mercury-Free | 5 Strip Total30 Batteries

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  • PowerOne hearing aid batteries are high quality with long life, even in powerful instruments. PowerOne batteries provide long running times at a constant voltage level and thus contribute to an optimum hearing aid performance.
  • PowerOne batteries are reliable and safe due to triple sealed high quality material e. g. stainless steel. PowerOne batteries are environmentally friendly as they are 100% mercury free.
  • Easy removal of cells with the innovative delivery wheel ensures only one battery is delivered at a time. Maximum product protection thanks to the security seal.
    Secure closure of the packet with lockable dispensing tab. Clear color coding for instant recognition of your battery type.
  • PowerOne hearing aid batteries are only activated when the protective tab is removed. The protective tab should therefore only be removed around 5 minutes before inserting the battery into the hearing aid.

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PowerOne Mercury Free Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries

✓ PowerOne MERCURY-FREE cells are manufactured in the world’s largest and most up-to-date hearing aid battery plant in Ellwangen, Germany.
✓ We provide eco-friendly battery technology, produced under clean room conditions, with an Enhanced Safety & Performance housing coating.
✓ PowerOne MERCURY-FREE cells are manufactured using only high-grade and refined raw materials. Our energy management system is certified in accordance with ISO 50001. With the new international standard, energy consumption and energy policy are placed centre stage.
✓ PowerOne MERCURY-FREE means, for you, hearing aid energy with premium performance and durability – of course with the patented stable high level of voltage that power one provides.

Why zinc air technology?
✓ Zinc air batteries have an especially high energy density and exhibit an almost flat drain curve. They are therefore the ideal power supply, especially for today´s digital hearing aids.
✓ The air holes of the battery are initially sealed with a protective tab. They are kept in this way, in an “inactive state”, until they are needed. The inherent self-drain of zinc air batteries with protective tab attached amounts to a mere 3% a year. The film is removed when the battery is inserted into the hearing aid. After several seconds of activation time, the battery begins to produce current.
✓ In the activated state (with protective tab removed), zinc air batteries can only be stored for a limited period and should be used as quickly as possible.