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FCS Wireless Ear Bud Sound Enhancement Rechargeable Amplifier Hearing Aid Beige CIC For Mild Hearing Loss (K-88)

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  • FCS K-88 In-The-Ear (ITE) Rechargeable Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) With Charger Suitable For Mild Hearing Loss.
  • ITE Hearing Amplifier with Rotary Volume Control and N-O Switch
  • Max Sound Output: 125dB ± 4dB. Peak Gain (dB)≤38dB±5dB
  • Total harmonic wave distortion: ≤ 10%. Frequency range: 450-3500 Hz , Input Noise: ≤30dB
  • Fitting Range 10-70 dB SPL, Suitable for Users with Mild hearing loss. (Additional Feature:-Carry Case with Zipper, Charger, Lanyard)
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FCS® K-88 ITE Hearing Amplifier

✓ Help you rediscovering the pleasure of listening to nature’s sounds or talking to others.
✓FCS® K-88 ITE Hearing Amplifier is a professional design aid, no grating sound.
✓ Hear the sound clearly and loudly.
✓ For hard-of-hearing users Deaf, the old, hearing-impaired, and hard-of-hearing users.
✓ Suitable for Mild Hearing Loss
✓ Plug and Play Device- No Programming Required

Important Notes
The hearing aid can only be charged with the matching charger(1.5V/8mA).And it is forbidden to charge the machine by other chargers or by connecting to computers.
The capacity of the Ni-MH battery of hearing aid is 1.2 V/40 mah and it can work for about 24 hours continuously after fully charged.
Don’t Keep the hearing aid in the environment of over-high or over low temperature.
The battery has its life period , if you find that it doesn’t perform well, or can’t maintain its usual operation. change the new battery of the same code as replacement.
It is of low current and power saving.
With the ON& OFF switch , it is energy saving at the furthest