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FCS (C-108) Hearing Aids for Seniors Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier with Noise Cancelling, Hearing Amplifier Assist Miracle Ear for Adults,Digital Hearing Aid for Moderately Severe Hearing Loss

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  • FCS C-108 Behine The Ear Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) With Charger
  • BTE Hearing Amplifier with Rotary Volume Control and O-N-H Switch
  • Max Sound Output: ≤130dB±5dB. Peak Gain (dB)≤38dB±5dB
  • Total harmonic wave distortion: ≤ 5%. Frequency range: 300Hz-4000Hz , Input Noise: ≤30dB
  • Fitting Range 0-80 dB SPL, Suitable for Users with Mild to Moderately Severe hearing loss. (Additional Feature:- Hearing Amplifier Case , Charger, Ear tips)


FCS® C-108 BTE Hearing Amplifier

✓ Help you rediscovering the pleasure of listening to nature’s sounds or talking to others.
✓FCS® C-108 BTE Hearing Amplifier is a professional design amplifier, no grating sound.
✓ Hear the sound clearly and loudly.
✓ For hard-of-hearing users Deaf, the old, hearing-impaired, and hard-of-hearing users.
✓ Suitable for Mild to Moderately Severe Hearing Loss
✓ Plug and Play Device- No Programming Required

Important Notes
Things to remember (caution) 1. If you feel whistling sound , please make sure if you put the earplug tightly, or if you use an appropriate size earplug
2. Please don’t use the hearing amplfier at a high volume for a long time, it will damage your hearing.
Things to remember (cautions) 3. Please maintain the product all the time in order to avoid the earplug and microphone opening being blocked by foreign objects.
4. Please don’t use when showering , swimming, raining or wet environment, please don’t expose the hearing amplifier under sunshine, get close to a stove or other heart sources.
5. Please protect the hearing amplifier carefully and avoid dropping it on the floor.
6. Keep the hearing amplifier away from the children
7. The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing.
8. The Plug of adapter is used as the disconnect device, The disconnect device shall remain readily operable.
9. Attention should be drawn to the environmental aspects of battery disposal.
10. A warning that batteries ( battery pack or batteries installed ) shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire, or the like.