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FCS C-109 Rechargeable Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing Aid Machine For Old Age Elderly Deaf people Suitable Compatible with Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss | Includes Charger and Ear Tips

Original price was: ₹7,990.00.Current price is: ₹3,990.00.

  • FCS C-109 Behind The Ear Hearing Aid With Charger
  • BTE Hearing Amplifier with Rotary Volume Control and O-N-H Switch
  • Max Sound Output: ≤130dB±5dB. Peak Gain (dB)≤38dB±5dB
  • Total harmonic wave distortion: ≤ 5%. Frequency range: 300Hz-4000Hz , Input Noise: ≤30dB
  • Fitting Range 10-90 dB SPL, Suitable for Users with Moderate to Severe hearing loss. (Additional Feature:- Charger, Ear tips)


Axon C-109
Axon C-109-a
Axon C-109-B
Axon C-109-D
Axon C-109-ED
Axon C-109-ED-D