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FCS In The Canal Personal Sound Amplifier, Sound Enhancer for Adults and Seniors For Moderate Hearing Loss (KF-60 Hearing Amplifier With 6 Battery , 6 Month Seller Warranty )

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FCS KF-60 ITC Hearing Amplifier , Personal Sound Hearing Amplifier , KF-60 ITC Hearing Amplifier with Rotary Volume Control and N-O Switch , Max Sound Output: 105dB ? 5dB, Fitting Range 0-70 dB SPL. Total harmonic wave distortion: ? 10%. Frequency range: 300-4000 Hz , Suitable for Users with Mild to Moderate hearing loss.

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Mini Invisible Hearing Amplifier Sound Amplifier

In the Ear Hearing Amplifier with Rotary Volume Control.

  • Suitable for users with Moderate hearing loss


FCS KF-60 Mini Invisible Hearing Amplifier

✓ Help you rediscovering the pleasure of listening to nature’s sounds or talking to others.

✓KF-60 ITC Hearing Instrument is a professional design , no grating sound.

✓ Hear the sound clearly and loudly.

✓ For hard-of-hearing users Deaf, the old, hearing-impaired, and hard-of- hearing users.

✓ Suitable for Moderate Hearing Loss

✓ Plug and Play Device- No Programming Required

  • FCS KF-60 is a mini size sound amplifier which lightweight and can be used in either ear
  • Small & comfortable

Standard Descriptions




Instant Fit


  • Instant Fit No programming required


Longer Battery Life


  • Robust Housing which is tried and tested in challenging environments – for greater reliability.


Small Size


  • Easily adjust volume using Rotary volume control.


Standard Technical Specifications

Max Sound Output: 105dB ± 5dB
Max Sound Gain: ≥50 dB
Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤10%
Frequency Range: 300~4000 Hz
Input Noise: ≤40 dB
Battery: AG5 & A13
Working Voltage: DC 1.5V
Working Current: ≤4mA
FCS Authentic Packaging

FCS Authentic Packaging