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FCS N-178 Pocket Clip Style Hearing Amplifier for Profound Hearing Loss With Binaural Fitting Cord Beige For Both Ear (1 Year Seller Warranty)

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FCS Pocket Hearing Amplifier , N-178 (Same as Siemens Amiga 178)Pocket Hearing Amplifier with Volume Control Wheel and O-T-M Switch.Available NH & AGC-O Control Trimmer and Audio Input Socket in N-178.Max Sound Output: 142dB ? 5dB. Total harmonic wave distortion: ? 5%. Frequency range: 200Hz -5000Hz , Suitable for Users with Severe to Profound hearing loss.

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FCS Pocket Hearing Amplifier ( N-178)



Features :-

  • Mini Size Design
  • Super Power Design
  • Output Compression Control
  • Low frequency Control
  • Large volume control dial numbered 0-7
  • N-H trimmer
  • AGC-O trimmer
  • Suitable For Severe Hearing Loss


fitting Image
MTO & Volume Control Wheel
NH trimmer & AGC-O Trimmer
Suitable For Severe Hearing Loss
Peak Gain 79 dB
Frequency Range 200Hz -5000Hz
Battery AA-Alkaline
Maximum Sound Output 139 dB SPL
Cord Type 3 Pin
Equivalent Input Noise 26 dB
Fitting Range ≤ 100 dB SPL